September 2022 – a simple chamois


The cover of the month is a letter sent from Triesenberg in Liechtenstein to Muttenz / Baselland in Switzerland. Accordingly, it was a domestic letter in long-distance traffic and thus franked with a 20 centime stamp for long-distance traffic, appropriate for postage.

The stamp is from a series of stamps with hunting motifs issued in 1946, 1947 and 1950 of three stamps each with different animal motifs. This choice of motifs was made at the request of the Princely Government. This stamp used here is a depiction of a chamois balancing on a rocky outcrop. The first day of issue of this stamp was October 15, 1947. Like the entire hunting series, it was designed by Prof. Josef Seger, Vienna, and printed in etched halftone gravure by Courvoisier S.A. on blue-red fibered, coated chalk paper with smooth gum in 5×4 sheets. The sheet perforation was 11 ¾. Printed were 123,700 of this stamp, of which 122,371 were used up, the rest destroyed. The stamp was valid for only 6.5 months – until May 31, 1948.

And this makes this letter once again special, since this properly franked letter was beautifully cancelled in Triesenberg exactly on this last day of validity of the stamp. For cancellation, the bridge cancel used in Triesenberg from 17.2.1933 to 27.11.1965 (Swiss type, two stars, IX in the lower segment, without hour number) was deployed.

Simple can also so beautiful!!!!!

Literatur: Ringarchiv des Rings der Liechtenstein Sammler e.V.