November 2020 – “Porto”-stamps 1899/1900

Registered Letter Bregenz/Bludenz – “Porto”-stamps

This time the item of the month is a registered letter sent within Vorarlberg/Austria. It is a letter from the royal-imperial district court in Bregenz to a Mr. Konzett (possibly lawyer Andreas Konzett) in Bludenz. It was posted in Bregenz on Jan 14, 1901, but the fee had to be paid by the recipient. It is therefore probably a matter of official business and subject to postage. The fee to be paid by Mr. Konzett amounted to 10 Heller, which was marked in blue writing as well as with the two cut 5 Heller “Porto”-stamps on the letter. The two cut “Porto”- stamps are stamped with a “Roststempel” of Bludenz on Jan. 15, 1901.

A little bit “more”, this time around the “Porto”-stamps in the now following quiz. When you answer the questions – whether correct or incorrect or not at all – there are short explanations / additional information regarding the correct answer. Have fun with it.

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