November 2020 – Most beautiful “Music-stamp”

It feels good to be able to report something in the category “News from Philately” again. And then also something beautiful, what is, that the Motivgruppe Musik (Germany) again awarded the Yehudi Menuhin Trophy. It is awarded for the most beautiful music stamp of the year in memory of Sir Menuhin. This year’s selection included 66 stamps from 2019 issued by 44 postal administrations (all available stamps can be found here). Collectors from 58 countries from all five continents took part in the Internet voting.

The Argentinean stamp issued on August 26, 2019, by designer Evangelina Raffaelli in collaboration with designer Sebastian Adano, took first place in the vote for the most beautiful music stamp of 2019. The one, which took the award, is the vibrant red stamp with the tango dancing couple. For the designers, the stamp with the motif “Tango” condenses the essence and culture of Argentina.

Second place was awarded to the stamp in honor of the Foundation of Chilean Children’s and Youth Orchestras. The foundation supports the musical education of more than 1000 young Chileans with scholarships. The stamp designed by Mauricio Navarro González was issued by Correos Chile on July 12, 2019.

Third place was taken by a special issue stamp from Ukraine, which was issued on 21 March 2019. It depicts the Ukrainian actor, singer and songwriter Alexander Nikolaevich Wertinski (1889-1957), who would have turned 130 years old in 2019.