One Frame Regional Championship West 2023 – Bregenz

The Regional Championship West in Bregenz can confidently already be called a highlight in Vorarlberg philately of the year 2023. Not only that some outstanding exhibits were ready for the award, but also the whole ambience and the togetherness is worth mentioning. In a nutshell: Robert Rubenthaler and his comrades-in-arms (the ÖSVLPH participated with its exhibition frames) have managed to fill the regional championship with life and to make it a success.

Bregenz Eröffnung

Eröffnungsveranstaltung und Jugendexponat

Bregenz Preisverleihung


The official part started on Saturday morning with a greeting by the mayor of Bregenz and Harald Staffler from VÖPh. Afterwards, there was still intensive discussion on the exhibits. The post office also got its money’s worth by selling its items, including the special stamp Schönes Österreich – Sehenswürdigkeiten (Beautiful Austria – Sights) and the special stamp commemorating Inge Morath’s 100th birthday. In addition, a stamp with a beautiful motif of the Kornmarkttheater was available from the Bregenz Philatelic Society. In the afternoon, it was a bit quieter, as some had gone for a swim or a walk to the lake. Nevertheless – it was never boring – and there was always the possibility for interesting conversations – the be-all and end-all of such an event. The award ceremony on Sunday was again very well attended, partly thanks to the presence of the Tyrolean philatelists. The new regional champions were happy to receive a nice “cup” and the honorary prizes were happily accepted. On the whole, all exhibitors were satisfied with the evaluation by the jury and some also took the opportunity for a jury discussion. After noon the exhibition was dismantled, the organizers enjoyed a beer in a nearby beer garden and we will all keep this exhibition in very good memory.