May 2023 – IBRA Essen


The visit to the World Exhibition – I can say in retrospect – was worth it for me. I could learn so much and really admire philately of the top class. Without envy, I recognize here that this league of philatelic competition will probably be unattainable for my exhibits. Nevertheless – it is a pleasure to look at these exhibits and admire them….. Also, the whole around was well organized and it was never boring.

We had prepared a few things for IBRA23. We were present with our joint 3-Association booth and also presented excerpts from our virtual lectures on a promotional screen there. We were able to attract a few interested people for our merry doctor guessing – a quiz with the possibility to win prizes.

Furthermore, we have not forgotten people who are not as well off as we are. In this case, the butterfly children. These are children who suffer from an extremely painful disease of the skin: epidermolysis bullosa. On our promotional card, we also asked for a donation for these children. For this we collaborated with DEBRA – the association that supports these children and also gave us a few giveaways to distribute. Unfortunately, most of them invested their money in stamps. Nevertheless, we were able to send a little to DEBRA-Austria.