May 2021 – Surfing on Jersey

Surfing on JerseySurfing is the theme of a set of six stamps from Jersey. I chose the accompanying miniature sheet as the stamp of the month for May because I liked this black and white photograph of the late John Houiellebecq so much. In fact, I didn’t know that St. Ouen’s Bay in Jersey counted as a surfer’s paradise. Jersey was even considered the surfing capital of Europe. So it’s no surprise that the island has a rich history of surfing. Many international championships are and have been held here, and surfing is integral to the island’s culture.

The photograph on the block records the founding of the Jersey Surfboard Club, the oldest recognized surf club in Europe. This probably evolved from the Island Surf Club of Jersey, which had existed since 1923. Interesting about this souvenir sheet (as well as the stamps) is the wavy print with a clear varnish. This wave pattern becomes visible depending on the light and imitates the waves that are so important for surfing. More about the history of surfing in Jersey can be found here.

  • Designer: Jersey Stamps
  • Value: £3
  • Printing technique: Four-colour offset lithography with a U/V gloss varnish
  • Size: 48 x 80 mm
  • Stamp block
  • Issue date: 2021-05-18