May 2021-2: First stamps of Liechtenstein using Swiss currency

proof LiechtensteinKirche in SchaanLiechtenstein’s customs union with Switzerland took place on February 1, 1921. After Liechtenstein had already terminated the postal treaty with Austria in March 1920, all Liechtenstein stamps were now denominated in Swiss currency. The first truly independent Liechtenstein postage stamps in Swiss currency therefore all date from 1921, including the “Cover of the Month”. It comes from a series of 8 supplementary stamps with values from 20 to 80 centimes, and 1 sFR. The 40 Rappen stamp from this series is actually blue, while the cover of the month is an attempt at printing in brown (proof in brown). Thanks to Sieghard for the item of the month.

The following quiz will give you more information about Liechtenstein’s first postage stamps in Swiss currency. Just answer the questions (or not). No matter how, if you click on to the resolution”, the correct answers of the questions will be displayed, sometimes also with a small text for explanation/background.

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