March 2022 – Corona the Third


On March 14th 2022 the Austrian Post issued the third Corona-Stamp in its innovative series: a stamp which can be used as a plaster

After the special Corona stamps already issued by the Austrian Post (stamp made of toilet paper and stamp made of FFP2 mask material), the third stamp of this series followed. It, too, symbolizes the current state of knowledge regarding the pandemic on its issue date of 14.3.2022. The stamp made of toilet paper – the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, with all its fear and panic: save yourself, was the motto. The FFP2 mask stamp – in the middle of the pandemic in 2021: masks can protect us and were indeed our only protection before vaccination. And now the third stamp, well advanced in the pandemic in 2022: we can also protect ourselves by vaccination; vaccination is a way out of the pandemic.



This third stamp in the “series” of Austrian Post is also very innovative. The stamp has the shape of plaster and is indeed a plaster. This philatelic plaster is even hypoallergenic and skin-friendly, as the top layer is made of the same material (polyacrylate) that is used to make sensitive plasters. A technical challenge was the incorporation of the gauze of the wound dressing into the stamp. There are also two adhesive strips on the back, which can be removed. This means that the brand can really be stuck on the arm as a hypoallergenic plaster. “Doesn’t hurt at all!” – the label’s inscription – is a little joking hint that with little “effort” – meaning a small barely noticeable prick – one could prevent worse – a severe Covid-19 course. The Austrian Post expressly pointed out that a “human being” franked with this stamp – in contrast to a letter – cannot be carried by mail. This would not be permitted by the General Terms and Conditions of the Austrian Post. Perhaps these should be read to see if it really is not possible.


Like its two predecessors, the new 6x3cm special issue stamp has a nominal value of €2.75 and was produced in an edition of 150,000. The design of the stamp originated from David Gruber.