March 2021 – Prince Franz I.

Prince Franz IToday I am presenting another cover from Sieghard’s collection. This is a registered letter from Vaduz to Mauren – i.e. a “domestic letter”. It is franked with with 30 Rappen. The stamp was issued on 28.8.1933 in honour of Prince Franz I on his 80th birthday . The mailing date of this cover was 31.12.1933, according to my information the last day of validity of this stamp, which was designed by Hermann Clemens Kosel (1867-1945; Vienna) and printed in photogravure.

In the following quiz you can find out a few more details about the stamp shown and beyond. Just answer the questions (or not). No matter how, if you click on “to the resolution”, the correct answer of the question will be displayed, partly also with a small text for explanation / background.

The stamp series "80th birthday of Prince Franz I" comprised how many stamps in which colours?

How often was Prince Franz I depicted on a Liechtenstein stamp?

The foundation of which institute at the University of Vienna was largely driven by Prince Franz I.?