December 2020 – First day cover with Liechtenstein Christmas stamps 1957

First Day Cover 1957 – Christmas

This First Day Cover was posted by registered mail to Germany in Vaduz on 16.12.1957. Franked with the complete Christmas set, with the overarching theme of the Chapel of St. Mamertus in Triesen. The series was designed by A. Frommelt. The 10 Rappen stamp shows a general view of the chapel, the 40 Rappen stamp a late Gothic high altar from the chapel (today in the parish church of St. Gallus), and the 1.50 Franken stamp a Pieta from the chapel, which can still be seen there as a copy. The original is in the Liechtenstein National Museum.

A little bit “more” this time around the chapel in the focus of this item in the now following quiz. If you answer the questions – no matter if right or wrong or not at all – there are short explanations / additional information to the correct answer. Have fun with it.

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