December 2020 – Post from the Christkind in Liechtenstein

When the Christkind sees its sticker on a letter, it puts its own cancel on it.

This year, the Christkind has also opened a post office in Liechtenstein, where it stamps letters with its own stamp. How does that work? It’s simple. You frank your Christmas mail sufficiently for delivery as usual (preferably with a pretty Christmas stamp, of course). Then you also affix a “Post from Christkind” sticker to the letter. These stickers are available at any post office in Liechtenstein for CHF 1 each.

All mail bearing the “Post from the Christkind” sticker will not receive the usual daily cancel, but will be transported to the Christkind’s secret outpost at Philately Liechtenstein, where it will be stamped with the enchanting Christkind cancel by postally trained Christmas helpers. Then your Christmas mail is delivered to the appropriate recipients and is sure to make not only children’s eyes light up. Because let’s face it, whether big or small, who doesn’t like getting mail directly from the Christkind?

The Christkind stamp is used exclusively in the period from 1 – 31 December 2020, the season when Christkind is on earth.