August 2021 – Write again! – but on what?

Since I am now trying to go among the philatelists, I thought, now and then writing a letter would not be bad. Especially older people – but sometimes also young ones – are happy about this nostalgic way to send greetings or to learn something more about my current life. With a letter, you can send special messages to special people. The personal touch of a handwritten letter can hardly be surpassed. Two sentences in WhatsApp can not catch up….

[ngg src=”albums” ids=”2″ display=”basic_compact_album”]So said done. But first I had to buy new stationery. That turned out to be more difficult than I thought. The post office is around the corner from me, so I went there first since I wanted to post another letter anyway. Nothing! No stationery far and wide. Cards yes, but no “nice” stationery with envelopes. So then to the next supermarket around the corner, where I used to buy the stationery. Again nothing. There I was then referred to a small stationery store in the neighborhood. Stationery store, there is nevertheless such a thing surely! I would have thought so. But there too: no more stationery. The conversation revealed that it is no longer worthwhile to sell stationery: the goods would become a shelf warmer and would turn yellow.

[ngg src=”albums” ids=”3″ display=”basic_compact_album”]There would be one more possibility, that would be the big department stores in the city center. Since I’m not a city person and that would cost me 3 hours of my time, I went with a heavy heart to the search on the Internet. I also found what I was looking for, but the selection I was used to in the past is nowhere near what it used to be. The whole experience dismays me nevertheless very much. We talk a lot about the decline in genuine mailed letters. Unfortunately, the problems don’t start with the stamps, but already with the paper to be written on. Nevertheless, yesterday the paper arrived and I can finally write the letter to my ex-father-in-law that I have been promising for 6 months.

[ngg src=”albums” ids=”4″ display=”basic_compact_album”]The galleries with over 90 stamps distributed in this article I have put together under the aspect “Write again – and what do I need at the very beginning to do so”. They are stamps with a writing utensil and the stationery I am so desperately looking for, or people writing letters.

What caught my eye?

  • The first of the stamps I found was issued in Hamburg in 1888.
  • Many of the designs are aimed at children.
  • The most commonly depicted “art motif” is the “Letter Writing Woman” by Gerard Terboch (1654).
  • Japan issues by far the most stamps on this subject – why? Perhaps because in Japan letter writing is considered an art: Art of writing (calligraphy) – Art of paper making (high quality jap. paper) – Art of letter folding (origami).

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