October 2020 – “Rheinnot”

  Registered first day cover with complete set “Flood victims of the Rhine area” of 6.2.1928. Cancelled in Vaduz. The individual stamps represent:

Purple: 5 + 5 Rappen: Destroyed railway bridge MiNr. 78
Green: 10 + 10 Rappen: Flooded Rugell MiNr. 79
Red: 20 + 10 Rappen: Rescue Austrian military MiNr. 80
Blue: 30 + 10 Rappen: Rescue swiss pontoneers MiNr. 81

The stamps were designed by Eugen Verling and support the flood victims. In order to show the need impressively on stamps, he used photos as a model (see photo with the blue stamp). Verling was actually an embroidery draughtsman and painter in St. Gallen, but he was born in Vaduz. He was the first person from Liechtenstein who was involved in the design of Liechtenstein stamps.

A little bit “more”, this time around the “Rheinnot” in the now following quiz. When you answer the questions – whether correct or incorrect or not at all – there are short explanations / additional information regarding the correct answer. Have fun with it.

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