March 2021 – Australian Antarctica

Antarctic AustraliaThe stamps in this issue feature photographs of past fellowship participants of the Australian Antarctic Arts Fellowship program in Antarctica, as well as graphic motifs, to showcase four arts practices that are typical to the program such as music, painting, sound recording, and photography..

The Australian Antarctic Arts Fellowship program seeks to increase awareness and appreciation of Antarctica and the subantarctic, including its unique environment and rich history. To do so, it has enabled artists and writers to travel to Antarctica and create work inspired by their experiences and insights. Through their Antarctic-inspired creations, fellows have done much to promote the icy continent and the work of the Australian Antarctic Program to Australians and the world. The fellowships are awarded via a national application and selection process, which opens annually in March.

block antacrticaOne of the fellowship winners was Harpist Alice Giles. During her fellowship Alice Giles perfomed Australian music at Davis and Mawson stations and recorded harp music in the natural environment. I´ve chosen this stamp was chosen because of the “fresh” presentation of a harp player in the midst of an icy environment, unusal but catchy on this stamp! Music can be everywhere.

Technical specifications:

  • Issue date: 16 March 2021
  • Stamp design: Sharon Rodziewicz, Australia Post Design Studio
  • Paper: gummed: Tullis Russell 104gsm Red Phos./Blue PVA
  • Printing process: Offset lithography
  • Stamp size (mm): 37.5 x 26
  • Perforations: 13.86 x 14.6