March 2021-2 – Book printed matter and Pisanki

Polnische BüchersendungThis time a simple cover, but appropriate for the present time. It is a Polish domestic cover – probably a book shipment (or a printed matter), since it is marked with the internationally valid inscription “Imprimé à taxe réduite”. Although – at least in Germany – this inscription would have been necessary only for shipments abroad. But that’s not why I chose the cover, but because it was appropriately cancelled for Easter time with a special cancel (actually two), which together with the spring messengers willow catkins thematizes the great tradition of Polish Easter egg painting. Pisanki (Polish: Easter eggs) is a common name for an egg (usually that of a chicken, although goose or duck eggs are also used) richly decorated using various techniques. The word pisanka derives from the verb “pisać”, which in modern Polish means exclusively “to write”, but in Old Polish it also means “to paint”. Originally a pagan tradition, pisanki were adopted by Christianity and became the traditional Easter egg. Pisanki are now seen as a symbol of the revival of nature and the hope Christians gain from faith in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

In the following quiz you can find out some more background knowledge about pisanki and beyond. Also about the Pisanki. Just answer the questions (or not). No matter how, if you click on “to the resolution”, the correct answer of the question is shown, partly also with a small text for explanation / background.

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