June 2021 – Charity stamps of Liechtenstein in 1927

Wohltätigkeitsmarken LiechtensteinsEven if this cover is probably not a real demand mail. I still like it very much…
The government of the Principality of Liechtenstein commissioned the issue of three charity stamps on October 5, 1927 (the 87th birthday of the Reigning Prince) back in May 1927. These are three stamps with 10,20 and 30 Rp postage with a surcharge of 5 Rp for charity. Unfortunately, I could not find out for what the revenue from these additional 5 Rp was used. Possibly for the unforeseen support then necessary in the autumn for the victims of the Rhine emergency that hit the country on 27 Sept 1929. But maybe someone knows more. I would be pleased to receive feedback. 
The three stamps show the princely coat of arms in four-color printing in the center, above it the word “Caritas” on a bow; garlands of grapes form the decorative motif for framing the coat of arms. The stamps were produced by the Federal Mint in five-color letterpress. On the ten Rp stamp, the text with the framing is printed in green, on the twenty Rp in red, and on the thirty Rp in blue.
The stamps appear in my oppinion – in contrast to the previous Liechtenstein stamps – very colorful. The design was created by the Liechtenstein draftsman Eugen Verling in St. Gallen. The illustrated cover is a first day cover with the complete set on a postcard postal stationery (Winzer (1925) 10 Rp.) postmarked in Triesenberg on the first day of issue, October 5, 1927.

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