June 2021 – Applied Philately No.s 24 – 27

Here we tell little stories about various individual documents. First of all, of course, you ask yourself, what could I use them for? This is noted in the corresponding PDF. The PDF can also be downloaded – if the font here on the homepage is too small. You just have to click on the red headline. This will open the file with the description of the document. The PDF contains background information on the subject of the cover, which could be addressed in an exhibit with that particular cover (be it Thematic, Open Philately, or Social Philately). Sometimes you may wonder if the connections between cover and theme are far-fetched, sometimes they are more obvious. But how far you go in this respect – possibly in your own exhibit – is up to you. In any case, it is a lot of fun for us to let our imagination run wild for some connections between the cover and the subject. Among the documents you will also find feedback – additions to the topic – that we have received from readers.

24 – Apples from the neighbor’s garden – or: Stamps from the petty cash box
024 Die Äpfel in Nachbars Garten-engl


Reactions to / improvements of the contribution:

JD: “Thank you for this newsletter. Also in our country (Romania, editor’s note) the so called Perfins were used before the 2nd World War, there is also a catalog; some of them are from drugstores and therefore interesting for us. Unfortunately, I don’t have any.”

TS: “Unfortunately, I have not been able to deal systematically with the company perforations in pharmacy; but every now and then a brand was worth to be mentioned. I don’t think there is a directory on our subject of pharmacy.”

HB: “The apples do not have to be in the neighbor’s garden; as Mr. Brandstetter describes so beautifully in the text, they can certainly be found in one’s own garden. As a thematic collector, I too am interested in perfins and have some greeting and congratulation cards with perfin franking. Mostly it is the family members, resp. spouses, who used the company stamps here. It was common at that time that the cash box was open to the wives and the separation company / personal property was not so strict! I can still remember from the 1960s, an acquaintance had a toy store and the mother simply took from the cash register what she needed. What was in the cash register at the end of the day was the daily turnover. How this was done with the bookkeeping is beyond my knowledge. So much for “stealing” from petty cash!”

From Twitter:

“Thank you. Nice to read!”
“Private mail with perfins is an interesting field and obviously has something to tell…”
“How to catch a thief. Perfins. Check this out:….ck it out here:


025 – Kocher Institute Bern
025 - Kocher Institut Bern. -engl
026 – Worms stop soccer strikers
026 - Würmer stoppen Stürmer -engl.


027 – Two grandees of surgery
027 Zwei Granden der Chirurgie (engl.)