July 2023 – a garden strawberry

Frankreich Erdbeere

Today I probably bought the last strawberries from the farmer in our village. So the time of my favorite fruit has passed in the meantime. But I will still have a stamp that reminds me of that time. This stamp comes from France and was issued in 2011 on the occasion of the “Stamp Day”. What makes it so extraordinary? There are two things:

  1. It appeared on a miniature sheet with a garden strawberry on the stamp and a sliced strawberry in the edge of the sheet. If you turn the block over, you will find these two images on the reverse side, with the cut of the berry on the stamp and vice versa
  2. This block also ensures that I remember the strawberry season not only visually, but also by the smell: when I press on the block, it gives off a delicious strawberry scent.
  • Issued on: 2011-02-26Frankreich Erdbeere Block vorne
  • Size: 41 x 53 mm
  • Colours: Multicolor
  • Designer: Pierre Bara | Pierre Bara (E)
  • Printers: Philaposte (Phil@poste)
  • Format: Commemorative Stamp
  • Perforation: 13
  • Print: Intaglio and halftone gravure printing
  • Face value: 2 € – EuroFrankreich Erdbeere Block hinten
  • Print run: 1,600,000
  • Description: Issued from the souvenir sheet: “Stamp Day”