July 2021 – a personal matter

KriegsgefangenenpostToday I may present you again a letter from our member Werner Rath. He thinks that the envelope is “nothing special”, but this POW letter is a contemporary witness, as many letters can be. One can learn a lot about history and the “normal” life at the corresponding timesro..

This is a letter from a boy in Vienna to his uncle in captivity in Great Britain. Censorship stamps and opening by the censor are obvious. The content is a detailed description of where in the vicinity of the nephew’s home which bombs hit with what force. In addition, there is information about who from the family is doing how (“Aunt Grete wants to be married, but has little chance of success”….). Also that the mother has little to do, which she immediately denies vehemently in the letter….. It is worth reading the contents of the letter, despite survived bombing raids it testimonies a return of a sense of normal living.


Such chance finds of letters can also affect you. Werner wrote to me that his grandparents lived in a parallel alley and must have also suffered from these bombings.

Philately is life lived!

Since this is a self-explanatory letter, which is less about philatelic and historical knowledge, I refrain this time from creating the normally now following quiz.