February 2022 – FDC 5.10.1925 Liechtenstein

FDC 1925 FDC 1925

Today two covers franked with Liechtenstein stamps from 1925. Both covers are probably postage due. Each is a printed matter (50-250gr = 10 Rp) sent to Switzerland (village Neuewelt near Basel) and posted as registered mail (= 20 Rp).

All stamps are from the series commemorating the 85th birthday of Prince Johann II. These stamps were designed by Eugen Verling (1891-1968) – Vaduz (FL) and the intaglio printing was done by Jean Sprenger – Bern (CH) (Eidgenössische Landestopographie (10×5). The circulation size of the 10 Rp stamp was 191,103, the 20 and 30 Rp stamps were 197,047 and 254,844 respectively. They were issued on 5.10.1925 and were valid until 31.12.1926. Thus, the two covers are first day covers. It is also interesting that the 20 Rp and 30 Rp stamps were affixed as margin pieces.

The cancellation was done with the Radgang cancel – Austrian type – identifying letter “b”. This stamp was valid from 29.1.1912 to 10.6.1931 and was also partially canceled in violet. From 4.8.1915 on, this stamp can also be found with a broken upper element – as on these two covers.

With my knowledge, I cannot say more about these covers. But maybe a Liechtenstein expert can add something.