February 2021 – Applied Philately

Below you will find various individual documents. First of all, of course, you ask yourself, what could I use them for? You just have to click on the red heading above the document. This opens a file with the description of the document. This contains background information on the subject of the cover that could be addressed in an exhibit with that particular cover (be it subject matter, Open Philately, or Social Philately). Sometimes you may wonder if the connections between cover and theme are far-fetched, sometimes they are more obvious. But how far you go in this respect – possibly in your own exhibit – is up to you. In any case, it is a lot of fun for us to let our imagination run wild for some connections between cover and topic. Starting this month, you will also find feedback – additions to the topic – that we receive from interested readers.

009 – Jachymov and its Uranium (by F. Kruis) – click this line and you get the description

Joachimsthal UraniumComments and additions to this article:

TS: “I am happy to add that Georgius Agricola also lived and worked in this town on the border.”

RS: “St. Jáchymov is very close to me and I have often passed through it on my way to Karlovy Vary. The radium spring is considered the strongest in the world. Another side aspect: for centuries coins have been minted in Jáchymov – the so-called Jáchymov coins. They are the namesakes of both the thaler and the dollar. I find that remarkable for such a small place.”

KV: “The covers shown for Jachymov are excellent. I just wanted to add here that the face of this little town has changed a lot in the last decades. I was there for 4 weeks in 1985 for inpatient rehab. The bath women told me that many of their husbands died because of uranium mining. Today, Jachymov is a member of the Association of European Radon Spas, which has existed for more than 30 years. Ankylosing spondylitis patients, especially from Saxony, regularly travel to Jachymov for rehab.”

MJ: “with the work on uranium mining in Jáchymov in Bohemia, you sent me a historical document that could also stand for the Oberschlema radium bath. Thank you very much. This place was center of uranium mining in German Ore Mountains, please look it up under google. The village center was completely demolished, only some villas are still standing today….”


010 – Tree of travelers – click this line and you get the description

Tree of travelers


011 – An inconspicuous lettering (F. Kruis) – click this line and you get the description

Radium USA

Comments and additions to this article:

KH: “This article will be published in the next issue of “Agrarphilatelie””







012 – Flower Sex – click this line and you get the description

Flower Sex