February 2021 – philatelistic item from the Kleinwalsertal

printed matter riezelerncancellation riezlern This time again an item from Vorarlberg – actually from a special enclave in Vorarlberg, the Kleinwalsertal. The cover went from Riezlern in Vorarlberg to Kempten and was postmarked with a ring-bridge postmark – which was in use from 1905-1938 at the post office there – on the 4th of July 1933.

Otherwise, this item puzzles me in two ways:

  1. Originally a stamp of the German Reich (3 Pfennig Hindenburg) was affixed to this printed matter card, but then a 12 Groschen stamp of Austria was affixed over it. Is this a mixed franking, or did the over sticking invalidate the Hindenburg stamp?
  2. On the cover there is also a handwritten note (probably by the collector or seller): “Denazified”. But my question now – denazification in 1933?

Maybe someone can help me – I like to learn more.

You can find out a few more details about the “postal” and “non-postal” Kleinwalsertal in the following quiz. Just answer the questions (or not). No matter how, if you click on “to the resolution”, the correct answer of the question is displayed, partly also with a small text for explanation / background.

Which was the first post office in Kleinwalsertal?

Which post office still exists today in Kleinwalsertal?

Due to its geographic location with its alpine terrain structure, Kleinwalsertal has no direct transport connection to the rest of Vorarlberg. The valley can only be reached by road from the neighboring community of Oberstdorf in Bavaria / Germany.  What consequences does this have for the inhabitants of the valley.