February 2021-2: Postal stationery from Switzerland

censured postal stationaryA Swiss postcard (postal stationery) from Lausanne to France from 1944. This card went through censorship. Unfortunately, the censorship stamp is washed out. However, the inspection stamp 69 in red is still clearly visible (at least I think it is something like that).  Why now the badly canceled letter as the cover of the month? This is because the simple card was “chemically” censored, i.e. a chemical was used to make a possibly existing secret message written with invisible ink visible again. I also found this cover interesting because the stamp may have been removed by the censorship in order to discover any secret messages hidden underneath. The detachment of the stamp can be seen by the offset of the postmark after its reattachment. Again, this is my amateur philatelic knowledge: perhaps someone can correct me or tell me more.

Censorship WWIWerner R. has sent us on the first publication of this article again another beautiful cover on this subject with the following comment: “Search for forbidden messages behind the stamps was already usual in the WW1 censorship , whether they have really found something is not known to me, as well as whether the censorship effort has paid off at all. The censorship of the field post had rather the sense to know the mood amongst the soldiers or in the homeland.”

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