August 2021 – A very old letter from Vaduz

Brief aus VaduzThis letter dates from the reign of Count Caspar of Hohenems during the 30 Years War. More precisely, it is a folded letter dated 18 June 1622, which is one of the earliest known letters from Vaduz. It was written by the bailiff Emmerich Ringolt in Vaduz and sent by messenger post to Count Caspar von Hohenhems. He had bought the land from his father-in-law Count Ludwig von Suz in 1613. The letter is complete with full contents, which deals with the transfer of the town of Chur.

After this time the rulers of Hohenems became increasingly indebted and finally had to sell the County of Vaduz and the Lordship of Schellenberg. As early as 1699 Prince Hans Adam of Liechtenstein acquired the Lordship of Schellenberg and in 1712 the County of Vaduz from the Hohenemsers. On 23 January 1719, a diploma from Emperor Charles VI united the County of Vaduz and the Lordship of Schellenberg and elevated them to an Imperial Principality with the name Liechtenstein. Since the new country consisted only of small farming villages, the administration was initially installed in the nearest town, Feldkirch, where the Prince had the Palais Liechtenstein built for this purpose. But today’s Principality of Liechtenstein had been founded.