And I had already wondered ,….

The block of toilet paper and corresponding first day stamp

…. that Austrian Post has not yet issued a corona stamp. On the other hand, with the stamp now issued in October, it is on everyone’s lips, at least when you do a press review of newly issued stamps. Stern, Spiegel, Süddeutsche, ARD, ORF all report on the new special issue stamp made of three-ply toilet paper.
As an ironic allusion to the hamster purchases of many anxious people at the beginning of the lockdown, the stamp block was produced in an elaborate process from real toilet paper and in the size of a sheet of toilet paper. In cooperation with an Austrian producer of toilet paper, a self-adhesive foil made of natural fibre paper was laminated onto the back of the toilet paper to make it more tear-resistant and to make it easy to remove the stamp. The self-adhesive stamp made of recycled waste paper can be detached at the perforated line – “just like standard toilet paper”. For each stamp block sold “in the shape and size of a standard sheet of toilet paper”, 2.75 euros will be donated to charity. It will be used to support those particularly affected by the crisis, the Post Office announced.
The  design is intended to remind people of the “distance” hygiene rule, which is particularly important at the moment. In Austria, a baby elephant is often used as a symbol for this rule (don’t ask me why!). For comparison, there are illustrations of other animals that represent different sizes and do not represent the minimum distance.

    • Nominal value: 2,75 + 2,75 Euro
    • Day of advance issue: 23.10.2020
    • Date of issue: 30.10.2020
    • Stamp size: 40,00 x 50,00 mm
    • Graphic design: Marion Füllerer
    • Printing: Variuscard Produktions- und Handels GmbH.
    • Circulation: 300,000 stamps in blocks of 1

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