9/10.9. 2022 – One-time joint issue Austria – Liechtenstein – Switzerland

And it’s over again! – A short report

This weekend the presentation of the block commemorating 150 years of the Feldkirch-Schaan-Buchs railway line took place. We from the ÖSVLPH were there with an information stand and three exhibits – The Vorarlberg Railway – Flora on the Railway Embankment – Railway Medicine.


Wir waren da

The event was well attended and quite a few philatelists rushed into the parish hall, bought the block and/or had it stamped and were gone again. So they still exist – the philatelists – that was reassuring to see. We used the time to meet old acquaintances again or to make new ones. We got into conversation with philatelists from Upper Austria and also from Western Switzerland! Unfortunately, the idea of getting this block on the spot for the recipients of our newsletter came too late for us. Nevertheless, we were able to serve some of our “virtual” comrades-in-arms this way. Next time we will be better! Promise!


The single-track railroad line, which was put into operation on October 24, 1872, is still a small curiosity in railroad history, as it is the only railroad line in the Principality of Liechtenstein and connects Feldkirch (Austria) with Buchs (Switzerland). For the 150th anniversary, a special souvenir sheet is now being issued, just as the railroad line is operated jointly through the three countries, by the three countries. Pictured are three locomotives used in each country from different eras: a 1927 steam locomotive for Austria, a 2004 ÖBB electric railcar for Liechtenstein, and SBB’s legendary Re 4/4 II, built from 1964 to 1985. The only difference between the blocks of the respective postal institutions is that only the stamp of the respective country is perforated.

The presentation of the joint issue will take place on 9 September at 1 pm in Feldkirch. There you will also find a special branch of the Austrian, Liechtenstein and Swiss postal services, a small philatelic exhibition on the theme of “railways” with the participation of the ÖSVLPH, model railways and a children’s programme. Take the opportunity for your personal cancellations of all three postal companies. 

  • Date: 9.-10. September 2022
  • Location: Pfarramt Levis, Mutterstrasse 73, A-6800 Feldkirch
  • Opening hours: Friday 11-17 Uhr, Saturday 9-16 Uhr
  • Catering: Beverages and snacks at the location