November 2021 – New stamps from Liechtenstein

springer King chess cancelWith these stamps the Liechtenstein Post celebrates together with the two chess clubs of Liechtenstein in Vaduz and Triesen and thus the Liechtenstein Chess Federation its 50th anniversary. The federation puts a lot of emphasis on youth development – especially in schools – but also adults and seniors enjoy the game within the federation. The two stamps show two figures of the game of chess: the knight (also found on the federation’s logo) and the king. Color-wise, only three colors are used: White, Black and Gold. The stamps are enhanced with gold foil stamping and the figures are highlighted with relief embossing.

  • Value grades: CHF 0.85 Springer; CHF 1.80 King
  • Stamp size: 34.5 x 45 mm
  • Perforation: 13 ¼ x 13 ¼
  • Sheet format: 208 x 146 mm
  • Design: Sereina Hatt, Vaduz
  • Printing: offset 4-color CMYK; + embossing; + hot foil stamping gold
  • Cartor Security Printing, Meaucé la Loupe
  • Paper: stamp paper PVA 110 g/m2; gummed
  • Edition: 36 000

Physicians cancel physisionWith this stamp, Liechtenstein Post is paying tribute to the Doctors Without Borders organization, which is also celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. Founded on 21 December 1971, the organization is the world’s largest independent emergency medical aid organization. It operates in more than 70 countries worldwide and also trains staff in those countries. The organization’s staff is active in the medical field, but also in providing sanitation and medical education. The organization tries to be independent and impartial and is financed by private donations. Military intervention has only been advocated once so far, and that was in the case of the Rwandan genocide. Otherwise, the staff tries over and over again to draw attention to abuses. Due to its tireless humanitarian efforts, the organization was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize back in 1999.

  • Value: CHF 3.70
  • Stamp size: 32.5 x 40 mm
  • Perforation: 13 ¾ x 14
  • Sheet format: 146 x 208 mm
  • Design: Sereina Hatt, Vaduz
  • Printing: Offset 4-color CMYK; Gutenberg AG, Schaan
  • Paper: stamp paper PVA 110 g/m2, gummed
  • Print run: 40,000


christmas setAccording to Liechtenstein Post, this year’s Christmas stamps are in an oriental style. The color choice is Christmassy and the stamps are decorated with gold. A star (value CHF 0.85) is depicted as a symbol of direction, while the shepherd (value CHF 1.00) is symbolized by a sheep. Mary’s conception is also symbolized by a dove, which represents the spirit of God that came over Mary (value CHF 1.50). Finally, the gifts brought by the Wise Men from the East are represented by a candle flanked by a plant. A lovely Christmas set with beautiful maxi cards.

christmas max

  • Value grades:  CHF 0.85 The Signpost; CHF 1.00 The Shepherd; CHF 1.50 The Holy Spirit: CHF 2.00 The Gifts 4
  • Stamp size: 32.5 x 32.5 mm
  • Perforation: 12 ½ x 12 ½
  • Sheet format: 146 x 208 mm
  • Design: Sereina Hatt, Vaduz
  • Printing: Offset 2-color Pantone; hot foil stamping gold; Gutenberg AG, Schaan
  • Paper: stamp paper PVA 110 g/m2,self-adhesive (water-soluble)
  • Edition: 80 000, 110 000, 50 000, respectively

tiger tiger cancelIn the series of Chinese zodiac signs, the tiger has been chosen as the symbol for next year. The year of the tiger begins on February 1, 2022. The tiger is courageous, strong and full of energy, which should also apply to people born under this sign of the zodiac. These would therefore be full of drive and assertiveness. According to astrologers, however, people born next year will not be so strongly influenced by the zodiac sign, since the element of water prevailing in the year 2022 should have a weakening effect according to astrologers. The stamp itself (CHF 2,00) Like the zodiac stamps of previous years, this self-adhesive stamp has also been produced in the form of a fine silhouette using laser technology. The sheet of 4 stamps is also die-cut in the shape of a tiger. The imprints (lettering and value indication) are applied in gold foil stamping.

  • Face value: CHF 2.00 Year of the Tiger
  • Stamp size: 46 x 48 mm
  • Perforation: 12 1/3 x 12 ½
  • Sheet format: 208 x 146 mm
  • Design: Stefan Erne, Triesen
  • Printing: offset 1-color, hot foil stamping gold, laser die-cutting Gutenberg AG, Schaan
  • Paper: UPM Raflatac, 110 g/m2, white Unik OBA free/perm/K80W, self-adhesive (water-soluble)
  • Print run: 140,000