May 2021 – Letter from the inflation era

Postreiter InflationThis time a special cover from the inflation period, provided by Clemens from his Postreiter exhibit. The cover is a special feature among the “Postreiter” postcards. It is a correctly franked local cover dated 19.4.1923 from Lörrach-Stetten, franked with “stamps” cut out of postal stationery (75 Pf Postreiter and 10 Pfennig Germania). The letter was posted in the eighth rate period of the Postreiter cards, which corresponds to the 13th postage period of inflation (according to INFLA Berlin, Verein der Deutschlandsammler e.V. from 1.4.1923 – 30.6.1923)). In this postage period, a local letter had to be franked with 40 Marks. This was also done here, but in this case using cut-out postal stationery “stamps”: 3x 12 Marks, 1x 2 Marks, 1x 1 Mark, 5 Pfennig, 10 Pfennig – all in the form of official stamps; the missing 85 Pfennig were supplemented by cut-out 75 Pfennig postal stationery and 10 Pfennig Germania postal stationery. This “use” of postal stationery was permitted at the time. What would not have been allowed, however, was the use of the 10 Pfennig Germania stamp. The validity of the Germania stamps ended on 31.12.1922. Nevertheless, the letter was delivered without penalty postage. Perhaps because of the negligible amount.

In the following quiz, you will get more information about the shortest postage periods of the inflation era, the end of the Postreiterkarten, and about a famous son of Lörrach-Stetten. Just answer the questions (or not). No matter how, if you click on “to the resolution“, the correct answer to the question will be displayed, partly also with a small text for explanation/background.

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