September 2021 – FFP2-Mask as Stamp

FFP2-MaskAfter launching a stamp on toilet paper as a symbol of the Covid-19 pandemic last year, Austrian Post is again issuing a special feature on this topic today: an embroidered stamp in the shape of an FFP2 mask. The stamp on this souvenir sheet has the value of 2,75€ and appears in an edition of 150.000 pieces. 

Like so many embroidered stamps, the mini-mask was made by Hämmerle & Vogel, a Vorarlberg specialist in fabrics and embroidery. The material is fleece, the same as used to make genuine FFP2 masks. Two layers of the original fleece were first embroidered and then cut out by laser. The gray embroidery emphasizes the characteristic details of the mask, such as the folding and the nose clip. In addition, the special pizzazz are the ear loops, also embroidered, which were sewn to the brands using a special process. The Mini-FFP2 stamp can be used normally for franking letters. Mailmen are said to be unenthusiastic about the freely hanging ear loops ;-).

One motivation for creating just such a stamp was the idea that stamps reflect the events of their time and can thus be regarded as contemporary witnesses. The FFP2 special stamp was intended to create a lasting reminder that would stand for all the challenges that the pandemic confronts us with.