Postcard from 1902 to the hotel Gaflei

Gaflei  GafleiThe first cover of the month in December is a postcard from 1902. It is an embossed card with the large Liechtenstein coat of arms, the text of the national anthem and Liechtenstein coins (crowns) from that time (including the Vereinstaler from 1862). Always with the image of the prince at that time – Johann II – also called “the Good”.

Since we are still in a time before the first stamps of Liechtenstein were issued, the card is franked with Austrian stamps (2 Heller and 3 Heller of the left looking Emperor’s Head issue). This replaced the same 1867 series, which was still marked with Kreuzer and Gulden until 1900, however. The postmarks are single-circle postmarks from the posting point Nendeln and the arrival in Vaduz, from where the mail was delivered to the Kurhaus Gaflei. Unfortunately, I do not know what the red postmark No. 21 means (a post carrier cancel?), and I would really appreciate any feedback on this. Would then also publish it here immediately.

The Kurhaus Gaflei was a popular vacation resort at that time, probably also fueled by the advertising by the engineer Peter Balzer, who captured the Kurhaus Gaflei and the Fürstenweg through the Liechtenstein Alps in many drawings and also in advertising brochures.


Advertising for the Kurhaus Gaflei


Siesta at the Kurhaus Gaflei


The Fürstensteig

With his illustrations and drawings, engineer Peter Balzer shaped the image of Liechtenstein at the beginning of the 20th century. He not only drew numerous postcards with Liechtenstein motifs but also designed brochures for the local spa houses such as Gaflei and Samina.

Another postcard, which also went to a guest of the Kurhaus Gaflei, but then later and therefore already with Liechtenstein’s own first stamps can be found here (in the third PDF) together with the story about an inglorious chapter in Liechtenstein’s history, in which also the Kurhaus Gaflei played a role.

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