Afternoon for children with postage stamps

Venus im Spiegel

Once again, the caregivers at Obdorf elementary school gave us the opportunity to organize an afternoon activity with stamps for 6-8-year-olds. After their homework, the children came to us in the “workroom” and we first looked at stamps with them using magnifying glasses. The children told us what they saw on the stamps: at one table they talked about birds (but the birds of prey were missing…), at another table about fish (they also expressed the wish to have a shark with them next time….), at the next table about cities and, of course, there were also flowers. Some of the boys particularly liked the artwork……, but I’m not sure if it wasn’t more the nudes 😊, which were also among the kilos.


Afterwards we were asked by a child whether we would do stamp collages again, he definitely wanted to put together a car out of stamps. Of course we didn’t want to spoil his fun and so we agreed to his request. The other children (about 16) were also enthusiastic about sticking stamps until they were picked up by their parents. We have already made a note of the next dates at the school in June and July. We are planning a playful auction and a “philatelic” journey along a longitude…. In any case, it’s fun with the children and we’ll see where our commitment takes us…., which admittedly doesn’t always conform to the iron rules of philately. But what is not, can still be…..

Childcare is a joint initiative of the following associations: ÖSVLPH, ArGe Medizin und Pharmazie, Briefmarkensammlerverein Bludenz and Internat. Stamp Club Rosenegg