November 2021 – Liechtenstein: Charity Stamps 1932

The first covTreisenberg 1933er of November is again a cover from Liechtenstein. It is a registered letter from Triesenberg (LI) to Altsätten (CH) dated 12 Feb. 1933. Interesting about this cover is among other things the use of a temporary or wanderer cancel. This postmark was used in Triesenberg in 1933 only from 26 January – 17 February.

The letter was franked with a complete set of the charity stamps “Für die Jugend” (“For the Youth”) issued on 21.12.1932 – designed once again by Hermann Clemens Kosel and produced in halftone gravure. The 10 + 5 centime stamp shows the national coat of arms with a young girl, the 20+5 centime stamp Princess Elsa with two girls in national costume, and the 30+5 centime stamp Prince Fanz I with two scouts.

SChweiz Liechtenstein  I asked myself now why together with prince Franz I. scouts are illustrated. In the meantime, I know that this probably has something to do with the close connection between the Princely House and the Scouts of Liechtenstein. When the Rhine flooded large parts of Liechtenstein in 1927, scouts from Switzerland and Austria helped with the reconstruction work. This impressed Prince Franz I and therefore he wished and supported the foundation of scout groups in Liechtenstein. In 1931, the first scout group was founded in Schaan, and in 1932 the first girl scout group was founded in Vaduz. The Liechtenstein Princely House was and is closely connected with the Scout movement. Thus, the Reigning Prince and the Reigning Princess are the patrons of the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of Liechtenstein. In this function, they support the federation idealistically.

Deutschland ÖsterreichThe Scouts organization is a worldwide youth organization that celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2007. The internationality and the awareness level of this organization are also proven by the fact that alone in this anniversary year 554! stamps are listed on alone. Only the four from the countries participating in our four-country corner are shown here.