March 2021 – Applied Philately

Here we tell little stories about various individual documents. First of all, of course, you ask yourself, what could I use them for? This is noted in the corresponding PDF. The PDF can also be downloaded – if the font here on the homepage is too small. You just have to click on the red headline. This will open the file with PDF file with the description of the document. The PDF contains background information on the subject of the cover, which could be addressed in an exhibit with that particular cover (be it Thematic, Open Philately, or Social Philately). Sometimes you may wonder if the connections between cover and theme are far-fetched, sometimes they are more obvious. But how far you go in this respect – possibly in your own exhibit – is up to you. In any case, it is a lot of fun for us to let our imagination run wild for some connections between cover and topic. Among the documents you will also find feedback – additions to the topic – that we have received from readers.

013 – Two researchers as they could not be more different (C. Brandstetter) – click here for description in PDF format

two researchers - Eppinger, Kaufmann

Comments and additions to this article:

KH: “Those of us readers of “Agrar-Philatelie” who want to look over the agricultural fence can subscribe to an information letter on topics of “Applied Philately” from Dr. Daniela M. Vogt Weisenhorn via e-mail “”. It’s worth it.”

TS: “What prompted the two of them to get in touch?” – Unfortunately, we can’t say exactly either, as the letter was without content. Pure speculation: In the past, one requested the scientific essays of colleagues by post. But this was not done, or only very rarely, by registered mail……

GK: “please publish such articles on Facebook – then I can share them with pleasure….” – will do in the future!


014 – Hugo Weigold – the father of bird ringing (C. Brandstetter) – click here to download PDF

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”014 Hugo Weigold – englisch”]


UT: “Many thanks for your well-researched contributions to ‘Applied Philately. …. The new written contribution (Helms/Weigold) conveys something about the mood and the wishes for a different and undisturbed way of working. In addition, the otherwise usual patriotic greeting, which is missing here. The censors do not seem to have been bothered by this. …..”


015 – Archive for Mollusc Research (C. Brandstetter) – click here to download PDF

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”015 – Molluskenforschung-englisch”]


016 – Anchor stone kit (C. Brandstetter) – click here to download PDF

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”016 – Anker Baukasten-englisch”]