Mai 2024 – Flower Fairy

BlumenfeeThe stamp of the month for May comes from Romania and is characterized by flowers and bright colors. It comes from the “Flowers and Colors” series, whose motifs are based on traditional fairy tales and depict fairies. The design of the stamps for this vacation is intended to convey joy, optimism and beauty. Some would say it’s pretty kitschy, but I like it.
The “Flower Fairy” (face value 25.00 lei) is depicted as the Lady of the Flower Kingdom. She symbolizes relaxation, peace and gratitude and stands for the beautification of landscapes and the joy that flowers bring to people’s lives. The traditional Romanian blouse (ia) stands for Romanian tradition, the noble soul and the character of Romanians who love their country and their fellow human beings. The image of the fairy in a field of hyacinths and poppies under a blue sky symbolizes the wish for a peaceful world.
FrühlingsfeeThe “Spring Fairy” (face value 6.00 lei) shows a fairy in a traditional blouse and garlands. She symbolizes the renewed nature and the beauty of flowers in a green landscape.
Prinzessin der BlumenThe “Princess of Flowers” (face value 5.00 lei) shows a young woman in a wedding dress decorated with white flowers. These flowers symbolize purity, newness, energy and peace. The traditional Romanian blouse (ie) is also embroidered with floral patterns. Unfortunately, she looks a bit sad to me.
FDC - SchmetterlingInstead, the FDC once again radiates exuberant cheerfulness. In addition to the colourful flower meadows and dresses on the stamps, the FDC is adorned with a colourful butterfly made up of lots of flowers. This series really lifts the mood when you look at it – at least for me

  • Kleinbogen - FrühlingsfeeSeries: Flowers of Color (2024)
  • Date of issue: 2024-05-08
  • Size: 100 x 120 mm
  • Colors: multicolored
  • Designer: George Ursachi
  • Format:
    • Sheet of 28 stamps (approx. 175 sheets per stamp)
    • Miniature sheet (1300 pieces per stamp; there is also a vignette on the miniature sheet)
  • Printing: Offset printing
  • Postal value:
    • Princess of Flowers: 5 lei
    • Spring fairy: 6 lei
    • Flower fairy: 25 lei