January 2022 – Cryptostamp from Switzerland

kryptostamp SwitzerlandNow also Switzerland. Here, too, there has been a crypto stamp since November 2021. Like the stamps from other countries, including Austria and Liechtenstein, it consists of three parts. On the left part there is a haptic stamp, which you can stick on a letter as usual and thus frank it. The stamp, designed by Zurich artist Gregor Forster, shows the Matterhorn and the moon on a blue background under the title: “Auf zum Mond!” It has a face value of 8.90 Swiss francs. Only after purchasing the stamp can the QR code be scanned or the token ID, which is on the middle part, be entered on the Swiss Post website. This will give you the info on the digital stamp, of which there are 13 different ones (token or ID1-13). So at the time of purchase, one does not yet know which of the 13 digital designs one will receive. With the scratched private key on the left part, you can now secure this digital token in the digital world and call it your own. So you can collect this stamp in the real world (1 stamp) as well as in the digital world (13 stamps). The face value is 8.90 sFR.

Cryptostamps Switzerland

If the motif of the haptic stamp is already very beautiful, the 13 digital stamps are almost even more beautiful. They show on the left part probably the most famous Swiss mountains. The most common motif, the Matterhorn, exists 65000 times, the rarest motif only 50 times. The latter belongs to the 5 special editions, in which, in addition to the mountains, an animal characteristic of the region, such as a zodiac sign is depicted.

Altogether there were 175,000 pieces of these Crypto Stamps. These were already sold out after 4 hours and at times the online store of the Swiss Post collapsed. As with crypto stamps from other countries, there is right now a hype and the stamps are sold with very prices on online platforms at the moment.

Source: post.ch