Easter Bunnies

Easter post officeToday nothing to a single stamp, but to not everyday postal addresses, in this case suitable for the season. Nowadays, it’s not just the Christ Child, Santa Claus and Santa Claus who receive wish lists and letters from children every year, but also the Easter Bunny. In Germany, there are several addresses to which letters can be sent.

The Easter post office in Ostereistedt receives mail addressed to Hanni HaseMr. Easter Bunny, Hanni Hase, Am Waldrand 12, 27404 Ostereistedt: The oldest and probably best-known Easter Bunny post office is probably the one in Ostereistedt, in the Rotenburg/Wümme district of Lower Saxony. Children have been able to send their wish lists to the Easter Bunny in Ostereistedt for 38 years. There, Hanni Hase takes care of the almost 40,000 letters from children all over the world. He also receives mail from Australia, Canada, China and Taiwan, for example. Hanni Hase also writes back!

The Easter post office in Eibau receives mail to Olli Osterhase and Lotti Langohr – Oberlausitzer Osterhasenpostamt, Viebigstraße 1 in 02782 Seifhennersdorf: Since 2005, there has been an Easter Bunny post box in Eibau, Saxony. Every year, about 3000 letters from Germany, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Switzerland, Spain and Norway land here, all of which are answered by Olli Osterhase and Lotti Langohr.

The Easter post office in Osterhausen also receives mail addressed to the Easter BunnyOsterhase, Siedlungsstraße 2 in 06295 Osterhausen: Since 2014, there has also been an Easter post office in Osterhausen in Saxony-Anhalt. In previous years, letters to the Easter Bunny had been received there time and again. The senders probably interpreted the name of the town as a sure sign of where the bunny lives. Here, too, the Easter Bunny and his family try to answer all letters.

Austria Easter Bunny 1949But please note: For the year 2021, it is already too late to write to the Easter Bunny, and still receive an answer from him. But maybe it will work in 2022 because the letter to the Easter Bunny should be sent at least one week before Good Friday.

The Easter Bunny as a stamp motif is not as common as one might think. As at Christmas, religious motifs are usually depicted at Easter, often including colorful eggs. However, there have been some Easter bunnies on stamps for about 20 years – often very colorful. Before that, there was only one stamp on which the Easter bunny was depicted: the stamp of Austria from 1949.

And here is a small gallery of “philatelic” Easter bunnies in Europe:

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