April 2021 – Flipbook made out of Stamps

Israel flip bookIn 2010, the Israel Philatelic Service issued a stamp sheet commemorating the 50th anniversary of ASIFA (Association Internationale du Film d’Animation). The sheet consists of 15 stamps that vary slightly from one to another, showing an animated cycle of movements: A farmer picks a Sabra fruit, peels it and hands it to a girl, who then eats it, and so on.

To illustrate the animation movement, the Israel Philatelic Service has produced a stamp booklet in the form of a “flip book.” The pages are turned and the images give the impression of movement. The booklet consists of 15 pages, each with a self-adhesive Israeli animation stamp.

It was probably difficult to decide which stamp should be the first to be removed from this booklet of stamps, as it destroyed the beautiful little film……

animierte Briefmarken