A triptych is made to shine

TriptychonThe unusual design of today’s stamp block from Liechtenstein (BL25) is based on a historical triptych. It was created in 1490 by an unknown artist from the Alpine region. In the course of the transition from the Middle Ages to modern times, he dispensed with the traditional background in gold on the side wings and instead integrated innovative and imaginative landscape elements – as in the central section. In 2010, the triptych was bequeathed to the Liechtenstein National Museum by Louise Marthe Bertrand.

On the left inner wing are St. Martin, a beggar and St. Sebastian – the motif for the 2 sFr. stamp. The central image shows St. Joachim with his entourage as well as St. Anne and St. Mary with the infant Jesus, who also form the motif of the large-format 6 sFr. stamp. On the right-hand side, St. Christopher is depicted with the infant Jesus and a holy bishop. St. Christopher is the motif for the CHF 1 stamp in the souvenir sheet.

Zusammengeklappter TriptychonBy folding the stamp block in the middle, the entire altarpiece is covered except for the stamp motifs. These are framed with golden passe-partouts, which completely changes the appearance of the stamp block. This gives the sections of the painting depicted on the stamps a completely different and unique effect.

Philatelic characterization:

  • Country: LiechtensteinFDC triptychon
  • Date of issue: 2014-03-10
  • Colors: multicolor
  • Designer: Stéphanie Keiser
  • Printer: Cartor Security Printing
  • Format: Stamp block with three stamps
  • Perforation: 13½
  • Print: Offsetdruck
  • Postal tax: 1, 2, und 6 sFr