Are you on your toes?

Are you a good observer?

Do you want to improve your stamp collection, start something new in philately, or just have fun with like-minded people? Then you have come to the right place!

The ÖSVLPH is a community of interest of collectors of Liechtenstein philately. The association is active throughout Austria and maintains sections in the federal states. Philatelists with other collecting areas and interests are also very welcome. We will help you to reach your philatelic goals quickly and easily. We offer all but especially young people interested in philately support in the experience of increasing knowledge about philately and relaxation. We do not only rely on the traditional form of collecting, but also support the use of new technical possibilities and media.

Our homepage is updated monthly. Every month there are regular features:

  • Twice a month a proof of the month, about whose background you will be informed by means of a quiz.
  • Once a month we offer a stamp of the month, based on the webmasters gusto :-).
  • We keep you informed on our activities, philatelic activities in Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland
  • Our homepage also shows examples of how current issues in society and science can be discussed using philatelic means.
  • For relaxation we offer you philatelic picture puzzles based on these (here you can, for example, guess a recipe every month and receive the recipe) or a “stamp puzzle”. As you can see, philately makes everything possible!


Then simply obtain further information on this website or contact us either at our exchange meetings or via our contact form.